100 Days of Music Around the WORLD

Aloft Hotels’ global music initiative 100 Days of Music was recently launched, in celebration of the brand’s 100th hotel opening early next year. It features 100 emerging artists and bands performing in Aloft hotels across the globe, over the course of 100 days. The kick-off event for 100 Days of Music took place in late September with special performance events by Better Than Ezra … [Read more...]

Local Color: Urban Art in OAHU

A new generation of local artists, chefs and designers are expressing their vision of modern Hawaiian culture in exciting ways. In O‘ahu, you get the best of both worlds: a tropical island rooted in a diverse culture and native Hawaiian traditions, contrasted by the pulsating city of Honolulu with contemporary art, world-class restaurants and the urban amenities of big city living. This … [Read more...]

Modern and Vibrant VICTORIA, British Columbia

Liz Laing checks into the Magnolia Hotel and checks out British Columbia's revitalized capital, Victoria. While there’s plenty of old world charm still found in Victoria, a modern movement has revitalized the city with new culinary offerings, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and global shops galore. Adding to its' appeal is the city's historic architecture, combined with the rugged … [Read more...]

Awards Season Hotel Packages in LOS ANGELES

Liz Laing shows you how to live like a celebrity at these luxe hotels near Hollywood. While the rest of the country is getting their parkas and mittens ready for a wintry season, Angelenos are shopping for Louboutins and designer gowns for awards season. It’s an exciting time in Los Angeles, which is home to some of the most prestigious awards shows, including the American Music Awards, … [Read more...]

A Peak Experience Awaits This Winter in WHISTLER, BC

Liz Laing nestles in at Nita Lake Lodge in British Columbia's winter wonderland. Now that it's November, summer already seems like a distant memory for those of us in the northern hemisphere. That means the search is on for the ultimate winter playground. So here's a haute tip: point your skis, snowboard or snowshoes towards one of the world's most coveted mountain resorts, Whistler … [Read more...]

Fast and Fabulous in VANCOUVER

Three Days In British Columbia’s Eco-Friendly Capital of Cool. Savvy travelers already knew about Vancouver’s appeal long before the 2010 Winter Olympics. But since the winter games, the city’s cachet has gone truly global. With something for nature lovers and urbanites alike, the city is ideally situated between the mountains and the sea, surrounded by water and natural beauty but also … [Read more...]

Explore SANTA BARBARA’S Bountiful Food and Wine this Autumn

Fall is the perfect time to visit Santa Barbara and experience a cornucopia of seasonal produce and, with the grape harvest in and crush on, a bounty of complementary wines for exciting food and wine pairings. Linger over the vibrant produce and culinary offerings at the Farmer’s Market on State Street and then take a walk along the Urban Wine Trail, sipping and sampling a variety of wines and … [Read more...]

Get Enchanted in SEDONA this Fall

The newly renovated Enchantment Resort offers a luxurious stay
 and special savings at their renowned Mii amo spa. Sedona, Arizona has long been known for its stunning red rock formations, natural beauty and spiritual energy, attracting nature and New Age enthusiasts alike. It’s truly a unique and special destination. Located near Boynton Canyon, Enchantment Resort recently completed … [Read more...]

FOOD BUZZ: Top Chefs Honored at LIVE & DINE LA

In conjunction with celebrating their annual restaurant issue, Angeleno Magazine is hosting their 10th Annual LIVE & DINE LA event this Sunday, July 22nd, honoring LA's top chefs and restauranteurs. Food aficionados will be spoiled for choice as they indulge in dozens of top tastings from LA’s most acclaimed chefs, along with award-winning wines and spirits, live music and culinary … [Read more...]

Mom vs. Mountain: A Family Skiing Adventure at MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA

Liz Laing hits the slopes with her powderpuff newbie kids for their first ski adventure. After hearing for years that Mammoth Mountain has some of the best skiing in California, I decided a ski trip with my family was long overdue. It had been a few years since I last skied and my three kids would be learning for the first time. Let me preface that by also saying that skiing is one of those … [Read more...]