Have Tesla, Will Travel: Get Charged at Airbnbs

Tesla has provided free charging stations to several luxurious Airbnb properties in California, which means drivers no longer have to leave their prized cars at home on their next road trip. Tesla’s new ad tagline: “Be free. Go far,” celebrates the new partnership between Airbnb and Tesla, which includes premier Tesla charging stations at 30 high-end Airbnb properties along the California Coast … [Read more...]

ESCAPE Traveler: A Mobile Vacation Cottage

Ever wish you could just pick up and go? The ESCAPE Traveler is a new 269-square foot cottage on wheels that can transport you to just about anywhere. No more booking hotels weeks in advance, trying to find the best rate. Take your tiny home with you and enjoy your own mobile accommodations. Just find a beautiful spot, hook up your cottage and enjoy living in it within minutes. Tiny houses … [Read more...]

CALIFORNIA’S Hotel Irvine Has a Hip New Look

The stylish Orange County lifestyle hotel has reinvented itself with a modern and vibrant design, convenient dining options (24/7) and innovative technology. The new Hotel Irvine grabs your attention as soon as you walk through its' doors with bold pops of color and a sleek, contemporary design. A wall of organic plant art, comprised of 14 synthetic jade plants, provides a cool textural … [Read more...]

AUSTRALIA: An Outback Christmas On The Rails

Marie Barbieri discovers that desolate townships, gourmet cuisine, and ever-changing landscapes make The Indian Pacific Australia’s most iconic journey. Sitting patiently in the Outback Explorer Lounge, I munch on welcome canapés of lemon myrtle curry puffs. I’m itching to hear the hoot and feel the train glide out to begin my 4,352km journey across the continent. A childlike wave of … [Read more...]

NEW ZEALAND: The Wonders of Wanaka

Kate Ayrton explores the rugged beauty of New Zealand’s spectacular Southern Alps and discovers an intimate luxury lodge that beckons intrepid travelers with its unique charms and adventurous spirit. Only an hour’s scenic drive north of Queenstown, or 20 minutes by helicopter (the favored mode of transport for locals), the low-key town of Wanaka is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the … [Read more...]

CROATIA: Delights of The Dalmation Coast

Michael Webb explores the unspoiled delights of Croatia's Dalmation Coast in the off-peak season. Croatia has a marketing slogan, “The Mediterranean as it once was," evoking an idyllic era when the coastline was pristine and you weren’t jostled by crowds at every turn. It’s hard to sustain that illusion in summer, as the onslaught of cruise ships and coach tours overwhelms the narrow cobbled … [Read more...]

Awaken Your Inner Explorer With A River Cruise

Viking River Cruises take travelers through the heart of Europe and other timeless destinations. Size does matter, at least in the world of cruise ships, but it doesn’t take Titanic alum to know bigger isn’t always better. Giant ocean liners can take people to touristic islands, but a smaller vessel can tackle the world’s great rivers like the Nile in Egypt, the Volga in Russia, the Rhone in … [Read more...]

Hayman Island: A Hedonistic Hideaway

Discover Queensland’s fountain of youth in the precious waters of the Great Barrier Reef. How many places are there in the world where you can take a seaplane to snorkel off one of the planet’s most beautiful reefs or just swim from one room to another? A member of The Leading Hotels of the World since 1988, Hayman Island is one of Australia’s first and most exclusive luxury nature-resorts, … [Read more...]

Laucala Island: Fiji’s Idyllic Honeymoon Hideaway

Sally Vardy, a 16-year veteran of the travel industry and trusted honeymoon expert, is the founder of Honeymoon Hideaways. Sally has started and sold successful travel agencies in New York and Australia, but her real passion lies in the highly specialized honeymoon market, making lovebirds' dreams come true. On a recent reconnaissance trip to the South Pacific region, Sally checked out Fiji’s most … [Read more...]

Castaway’s Choice: Spanish Virgin Islands

First it was the Taino Indians, who ventured from present-day South America to settle these islands thousands of years ago.  Then came the Spanish Conquistadors, followed by pirates and planters seeking treasure and fortunes.  Now, those with no higher aspirations than finding a secluded corner of the Caribbean still untainted by megaresorts and trinket shops come to one of the region's least … [Read more...]