A Place for Witchcraft and Espionage in BERLIN’s New Museums

Berlin’s cultural landscape of 180 museums and collections keeps growing, as new special interest museums open and others complete renovations. Magicum Berlin Magic Museum Go way beyond Harry Potter and get spooked at Magicum. Witchcraft and magical powers, mythical knowledge, secrets, ancient wisdom, and the supernatural can all be explored in the cellars of a historic former blacksmith … [Read more...]


In Amsterdam, historic and modern buildings coexist in harmony. Daring additions enhance storied landmarks and modern architecture pops up in surprising ways throughout the city. There’s a spectacular new atrium to accommodate the crowds that flock to see the Rembrandts and Vermeers in the Rijksmuseum, and many of the galleries have been redesigned to enhance the collection of medieval and … [Read more...]

Design Delights of Milan

What Milan lacks in surface charm, it makes up for with hidden treasures. Architectural writer Michael Webb takes us on walking tour of one his favorite European cities. Best-known for trade fairs and La Scala–the Everest of opera houses–it also boasts the grandest of covered arcades and the spikiest of Gothic cathedrals, a veritable porcupine of white stone. It was founded by the Romans … [Read more...]

Berlin: Contemporary Capital of Design

Berlin, a metropolis haunted by its history, is constantly renewing itself. No European city has such a turbulent past and so invigorating a present. Spring is a good season to explore or revisit its treasures, and two major anniversaries are being celebrated this year: the 20th anniversary of the tearing down of the Wall, and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus. If this is your … [Read more...]