Stargazing, Movie Making and Scorpion Hunting in ARIZONA’s Sonoran Desert

The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain has added nine one-of-a-kind adventures to its popular recreation program, with a focus on authentic southwestern experiences. From late-evening hunts for fluorescent scorpions, to family movie-making and an intriguing Ridge and Ruin discovery tour, the new activities take spectacular advantage of the property’s 850-acre high Sonoran Desert setting and of … [Read more...]

Get Enchanted in SEDONA this Fall

The newly renovated Enchantment Resort offers a luxurious stay
 and special savings at their renowned Mii amo spa. Sedona, Arizona has long been known for its stunning red rock formations, natural beauty and spiritual energy, attracting nature and New Age enthusiasts alike. It’s truly a unique and special destination. Located near Boynton Canyon, Enchantment Resort recently completed a … [Read more...]

Rediscover Your Path At The Sanctuary At Sedona

Earlier this year, I desperately needed a retreat from my daily grind of the same old worries and concerns about career, love, money and a worsening knee injury. In other words, I needed a haven from the mundane world. I had lost touch with what mattered most to me: my soul’s journey. When I first heard about Dean Taraborelli’s Sanctuary at Sedona, images of a standard “spa” filled my mind’s eye. … [Read more...]

Scottsdale Accents Its Cuisine Scene With Latin Stars

Over the last decade, Scottsdale has been earning multiple culinary stripes, with a food scene that has matured and evolved from more predictable cuisine to options ranging from genre-bending French bistros to re-imagined regional menus featuring indigenous Southwest tastes and ingredients.  But the tradition undergoing perhaps the most fundamental transformation is also one of the area’s most … [Read more...]

Trader Vic’s Scottsdale

Get out your flowered shirts and leis. Trader Vic’s, the eponymous retro 1950's Polynesian-themed chain that used to be as ubiquitous as  Cadillac fins, is back. But the new Scottsdale Trader Vic's isn't your mom and dad's kitschy '70s version of the island restaurant. The new-fangled Trader Vic's is less Gilligan's Island and more Four Season Bali.  The chic eatery is damned serious about its … [Read more...]

Desert Chic: Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North

Wedged into the lunar landscape of Pinnacle Peak, Arizona’s swanky Four Seasons Scottsdale resort and spa has long left guests breathless. Little wonder─sequestered in an arid and intimate setting far from the maddening crowd, it boasts 210 sun-bleached casitas linked by saguaro cacti dotted pathways and breathtaking views. Now they offer something to really get your heartrate up, the new Desert … [Read more...]