OAKLAND: Crafting a New California Art Scene

Mark Hiss explores the other City by the Bay as it comes out from behind San Francisco's shadow and enjoys its day in the sun. “Let her sing! Let her sing,” insisted a young woman as she pushed her friend to the front of a crowd watching a pair of buskers at Oakland’s monthly Art Murmur street festival. The musicians, playing electric guitar and drums, were bashing out instrumental versions … [Read more...]

ISTANBUL: Buy A Turkish Rug Like A Local

Editor's note: It's Thanksgiving, when one gives thanks naturally and thinks of, among other things... turkey. Please indulge us a little here as we take you to the other Turkey (actually it's Türkiye) for an insider's look into how to buy a Turkish rug without losing your shirt. For many people, the country of Turkey calls up myriad images that conjure the senses: Whirling Dervishes,  … [Read more...]

Trinidad & Tobago Readies For Carnival Time

It’s almost time to “play mas” in T&T as final touches are put on costumes and steel pans tuned for the Caribbean’s biggest party. Certainly Brazil’s pre-Lenten “Carnaval” is better known than the celebrations about to take over the streets of Port of Spain, but rest assured, the Trinidadians can get festive with the best of them. Beginning well before dawn on Carnival Monday with … [Read more...]