The Dancing Nymphs of Angkor, CAMBODIA

Will Ottley explores the Buddhist/Hindu temples of Cambodia's Angkor Wat complex and discovers the wisdom of ancient civilizations, displayed in the treasure trove of temples and monuments left behind. What surprised me most about Siem Reap, Cambodia was not the grandeur and sophistication of the temple complexes, but the overriding presence of the ‘feminine’. Walking among the ancient … [Read more...]

For All the Tea in CHINA

One writer's quest for the perfect cup of tea takes her through Hong Kong and Tokyo, resulting in lessons of history, health and wellness. Tea began as an accident. It happened in China over 5,000 years ago when an early emperor thought drinking water should be boiled as a hygienic precaution. According to legend, while visiting a region of his realm, the servants began boiling water for … [Read more...]

CAMBODIA and Its Culinary Secrets

Award-winning food and travel writer, Jane Adams, shares a fleeting slice of Cambodian life on a plate and place tour through her favorite local hotspots. Typically led by my nose, I recently dived into markets, down alleys, perched on plastic pavement stools to peer into fish tanks and simmering pots, all to share a fleeting slice of Cambodian life. Rest assured 30 years after the fall of the … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts Expands in ASIA

If you're traveling to Asia, be sure to stop in under the shade and shelter of the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, which is opening 5 new properties in China, Vietnam and India this fall. With attentive yet discreet staff, few hotel chains provide this high standard of naturally-luxurious, ecological, and culture-sensitive experiences for the modern traveller. The core philosophy behind the … [Read more...]

BEIJING’S Temple Hotel A Sanctuary For Art, Culture And Cuisine

Mirroring the enigmatic city of Beijing, the Temple Hotel is a heady mix of art gallery, restaurant, hotel and cultural curiosity that can't be quite defined, like the Chinese capital itself. Beijing’s Temple Hotel is not a hotel in the traditional sense. In fact, it's not quite a hotel yet as the Temple is just now preparing to host its first guests. What it does contain behind its … [Read more...]

SLIDESHOW: Two-Wheel Travel Through Bhutan

Photographer Paul Keister shares his awe-inspiring motorcycle journey through the serene Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Cruising through striking pine-clad valleys atop KTM motorcycles, mainly on a single-lane road with a precipitous drop off, Paul Keister captures the transcendent beauty of Bhutan’s untarnished countryside. With a limited number of tourists allowed to enter Bhutan each … [Read more...]

SLIDESHOW: Taiwan’s Lunar New Year Celebrations End With Fiery Lantern Festival

wandermelon’s Amanda Castleman captures amazing images of last week’s Lunar New Year celebrations in Taiwan, which literally ended with a bang. The Lantern Festival first ignited more than 2,000 years ago and now is the finale of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. The mythology varies, but always anchors off good … [Read more...]

Awaken Your Inner Explorer With A River Cruise

Viking River Cruises take travelers through the heart of Europe and other timeless destinations. Size does matter, at least in the world of cruise ships, but it doesn’t take Titanic alum to know bigger isn’t always better. Giant ocean liners can take people to touristic islands, but a smaller vessel can tackle the world’s great rivers like the Nile in Egypt, the Volga in Russia, the Rhone in … [Read more...]

AA Announces First Nonstop Service From LAX to Shanghai

American Airlines welcomes passengers with myriad in-flight amenities on their daily flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, the first by a US carrier. By Robert Ellsworth First, there was this summer’s launch of a new high-speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai; yet another example of China’s accelerated development. Now, American Airlines inaugurates service from Los Angeles to the … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Shows Its Colors During ART HK 11 Expo

Asia’s leading international art fair, ART HK 11 (aka the Hong Kong International Art Fair) returns to Hong Kong for its fourth year with some highly anticipated new elements, including a showcase for solo artists of Asian origin called ASIA ONE. Taking place from May 26 – 29, 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), this year’s expo will feature over 250 galleries from 38 … [Read more...]