Golden Temples and Floating Markets in BANGKOK

From majestic palaces, to open-air markets and elephant rides, Bangkok offers a myriad of ways for visitors to experience Thailand’s unique culture. As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok serves as the country’s cultural, spiritual and culinary center. With more than 10 million inhabitants, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the city has to offer. Our suggestion is to sample the best of … [Read more...]

Bangkok by Boat and Bicycle

Taking the slow road in Thailand’s bustling capital reveals a hidden side of the city. One of the most unique things about Bangkok is the myriad ways of getting around. If you’re not viewing the city from your taxi window or breathing in the heat and smoke from your tuk-tuk – or moto-rickshaw -- then you may be on the sky train or the metro, beating the traffic while riding with the stylish … [Read more...]

Singapore Airlines Vacations

With Singapore Airlines Vacations new slate of packages to Singapore, Bangkok and Phuket, travel to Asia has never been this affordable. Starting at $1,145 for five nights, these new packages are comparable in price to airfare alone on other major carriers. Hop aboard Singapore Airlines from LAX, JFK, or San Fran and enjoy the unrivaled customer service of the world’s top airline en route to … [Read more...]

Bangkok Getaway

In Thailand, most exchanges begin and end with a wai, a small bow of the head with the palms together. This simple gesture reflects the people’s gracious charm and courteous nature. The Thais’ relaxed, calm temperament is a testament to their adherence to the Buddhist faith and it carries over to all aspects of their life—no rushing to pass someone on the streets, no sighing in lines at the … [Read more...]