The Dancing Nymphs of Angkor, CAMBODIA

Will Ottley explores the Buddhist/Hindu temples of Cambodia's Angkor Wat complex and discovers the wisdom of ancient civilizations, displayed in the treasure trove of temples and monuments left behind. What surprised me most about Siem Reap, Cambodia was not the grandeur and sophistication of the temple complexes, but the overriding presence of the ‘feminine’. Walking among the ancient … [Read more...]

CAMBODIA and Its Culinary Secrets

Award-winning food and travel writer, Jane Adams, shares a fleeting slice of Cambodian life on a plate and place tour through her favorite local hotspots. Typically led by my nose, I recently dived into markets, down alleys, perched on plastic pavement stools to peer into fish tanks and simmering pots, all to share a fleeting slice of Cambodian life. Rest assured 30 years after the fall of the … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: Cambodia’s First Luxury Private Island Readies For Debut

Song Saa Private Island is to be Cambodia's first luxury private island resort, located in the pristine Koh Rong Archipelago, and the dream project of Australian businessman, Rory Hunter and his wife Melita, who first honeymooned in the area before embarking on this ambitious project in March 2010. "The completion of the first one-bedroom jungle villa marks a key milestone for Song Saa and … [Read more...]

Affordable Asia with the Orient Express

A trip to Asia can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many because of the huge investment in time and money involved in planning and booking an international vacation. But decreasing flight costs to Asia are adding further incentive for travelers to find ways to get the most out of their hard-earned dollars. Typically there are savings to be found in handling your own transportation, meals and … [Read more...]