SOUTH AFRICA: A Journey in Memoriam

After his father's passing, Brad Auerbach travels to Cape Town with his mother and siblings and along the way, discovers ties to a loved one in unexpected places. When my Dad died two years ago, my Mom discovered the proceeds of an otherwise unknown life insurance policy. She decided to celebrate his life by taking their three kids to South Africa. We live in four different states, and … [Read more...]

South African Style: One & Only Cape Town

Cape Town is certainly one of the most picturesque places on the continent, and visitors to the Mother City are spoilt for choice when it comes to interesting or dramatic places to stay. A pulsating playground of sandy beaches and nightclubs, Cape Town is a one-of-a-kind city cradled between the scenic splendors of sandstone cliffs towering over the glittering waters of two great oceans. If … [Read more...]

Cape Town Bike Tour

Explore the stunning scenery surrounding Cape Town on a customized bike tour though manicured vineyards, windswept cliffs, and charming nature reserves. Now that the madness of the World Cup has subsided, journey to South Africa on a bike tour through some of the world’s most remarkable regions. Askari Travel, a leading organizer of luxury safaris in Africa, is offering a trip-of-a-lifetime … [Read more...]

Cape Town Cuisine

With eleven official languages from Zulu to Afrikans,  global ethnic influences, and a highly diverse population, South Africa is truly a melting pot with a "rainbow nation" of residents.  Founded as a refreshment station along the trade route of the Dutch East India Company in 1652, Cape Town mesmerizes visitors with its Table Mountain towering over the city, penguin-filled beaches, white-washed … [Read more...]