From Ruins To Rainforest: The Bounty of BELIZE

An insider's guide to this magical Central American destination, rich in ancient Mayan culture, exotic wildlife and underwater beauty For travelers looking for a destination with that rare mix of ancient culture, active adventure, natural beauty and perfect beaches, Belize is the perfect prescription. Unique among Central American nations, Belize is English speaking, compact (about the size … [Read more...]

GUATEMALA CITY: “Guate” Gets its Groove on in Zona 1

Not many travelers -- even savvy ones -- know about Guatemala City's Zona 1. In fact most visitors skip Guate, the local moniker for the country’s capital, altogether for other attractions in the country such as the Maya ruins of Tikal and the colonial city of Antigua. How unfortunate, as this area of the city is undergoing a renaissance currently transforming it into one of Central America’s most … [Read more...]

BELIZE: Exploring Caves, Ruins & Cuisine at Ka’ana Resort

Travel writer and “Top Chef Masters” judge Krista Simmons explores the wild side of Belize through the luxe lens of Ka'ana Resort. I'll come right out with it: I'm not a resort-type traveler. Don't get me wrong, I love a hot stone massage as much as the next girl, but it's always been my contention that there's an element of authenticity that's lost when you wall yourself off in five star … [Read more...]

Panama Resort Sets Gold Standard For Central America Adventure Travel

The Gamboa Rainforest Resort Offers Adventure Served Up With Sybaritic Touches Like A Full-Service Spa. "Look down there, to your right...see him," my helicopter pilot coolly comments as we zip 100 feet above an isolated finger of Panama's vast Gatun Lake. Appearing the same cafe latte brown as the rest of the lake, the 10-foot crocodile is impossible to miss. "Now’s not the best time … [Read more...]