5 Best Places To Kiss In PRAGUE

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day – and Prague’s reputation as a hopeless romantic – wandermelon is happy to present to you the five perfect places for public displays of affection. If you're lucky enough to be in Prague right now, we'd like to go on record that yes, we are jealous. But no hard feelings we assure you. In fact, we're happy to offer up something that should prove especially … [Read more...]

The Time Is Ripe For Exploring Czech Wines

Wines from the Czech Republic are finally having their day in the sun as aficionados discover the region’s excellent offerings. The tradition of winemaking goes back centuries in the Czech Republic. But it’s only recently that wines produced here have received international recognition. Several factors are now working in the region’s favors to make this a reality. First there is the mild … [Read more...]

Prague: The Lightness and Darkness of Being

Known as one of those mythical places that has outlived a tortured existence from its post WWII era and hard days of communism, it is remarkable just how much grandeur survives in this city. Prague is an elegant old dame who has wisely kept her beauty and her mystery. The cobbled streets draw you in and take you on dark tours very much still within the Kafka-esque landscape. Ancient Gothic, … [Read more...]

Prague, Czech Republic

Sleep The Franz Josef is the hippest of Prague's new hip hotels. British-based architect Eva Jiricná brings a new study on the interior use of glass to her native land with its own long history of the glazier's craft. Every piece of space breathes with life and light, breaking the stuffy mold of most high-end hotels. Room 801, a penthouse suite with a magnificent vista of the Prague skyline, is … [Read more...]