Keystone, COLORADO Makes Travel With a Teen a Peak Experience

A family ski trip to Colorado serves up a stellar experience even a teen can love. This was it – our first “mixed” vacation with my 16-year-old daughter and I traveling with my fiancé and his 24-year-old son. The stakes were high: A new family hitting the slopes together with the added wildcard of bringing along a teen with dietary restrictions. We rolled the dice and chose Keystone, … [Read more...]


Leave the screaming for the rollercoasters and head to Los Angeles for a squabble-free holiday with something for everyone. Everyday life is busy, busy, busy. Between school drop-offs, office meetings, homework, swimming and soccer, healthy dinners, birthday parties and late night conference calls, quality family bonding moments seem few and far between. I imagined a vacation with the … [Read more...]

Tennessee’s Titanic Museum

The largest “unsinkable” passenger shipped set off from Southampton, England on its maiden voyage in April of 1912, with 2223 eclectic passengers on board, who excitedly embarked to experience a new level of opulence at sea. Four days into the journey, the massive ship struck an iceberg and sank in two hours and forty minutes, with 1517 lives lost, making it one of the world’s largest maritime … [Read more...]