A Place for Witchcraft and Espionage in BERLIN’s New Museums

Berlin’s cultural landscape of 180 museums and collections keeps growing, as new special interest museums open and others complete renovations. Magicum Berlin Magic Museum Go way beyond Harry Potter and get spooked at Magicum. Witchcraft and magical powers, mythical knowledge, secrets, ancient wisdom, and the supernatural can all be explored in the cellars of a historic former blacksmith … [Read more...]

EAST GERMANY: Dreaming of Dresden

More than twenty years after Germany’s reunification, Michael Webb finds the crown jewel of the former East Germany gleams brighter than ever, luring travelers with deals, culture and a living history. It’s been over two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, but the former East Germany still finds itself lagging behind the west economically. A challenge for residents … [Read more...]

Berlin Bound: Brandenburg Airport Takes Off

With the opening of their new modern airport, the German capital will recover its historic role as one of the principal hubs of Europe. Even after the Wall fell in 1989, Berlin remained on the edge, with the few long-distance flights scattered among three local airports. Templehof, an architectural classic, has been transformed into an events space and public park; Tegel and Schoenfeld … [Read more...]

Berlin’s West-Side Story

Once overshadowed by the dramatic transformation of East Berlin, the one-time political enclave of West Berlin is burnishing its image as hip galleries, restaurants and attractions take root. With the fall of the Berlin Wall just over 20 years ago, once-cloistered East Berlin has risen to become not only a powerful icon for democratic change, but a coveted stop for world travelers. Not … [Read more...]

Soho House Opens in Berlin

Although the Soho House has had a few mishaps at its recently-opened Los Angeles location (indoor sprinklers spraying water on guests during dinner for example), and it's lost a bit of its luster in New York with too many investment bankers taking over the once hip space, the new Berlin outpost promises a more creative vibe that is true to the original concept of the club. Located in Berlin's … [Read more...]

Berlin Still Celebrating The Wall’s Fall

The Peaceful Revolution, the momentous transformation that culminated in the toppling of the Berlin Wall, is being celebrated with particular intensity this month as the country celebrates the 20th anniversary of the "Mauerfall," or fall of the wall. November 9, 1989 was the exact day thousands of East Germans streamed over, through and around the wall and into the arms of waiting West Germans as … [Read more...]

Berlin: Contemporary Capital of Design

Berlin, a metropolis haunted by its history, is constantly renewing itself. No European city has such a turbulent past and so invigorating a present. Spring is a good season to explore or revisit its treasures, and two major anniversaries are being celebrated this year: the 20th anniversary of the tearing down of the Wall, and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus. If this is your … [Read more...]

LACMA Exhibition Showcases German Art from Cold War Era

Art probably isn’t the first thing most of us associate with the Cold War.  Maybe heated political diatribe and tanks on parade, but generally not evocative canvases, video, photography and other media.  But in Germany, the period between the end of WWII in 1945, and the falling of the Berlin wall 20 years ago, in 1989, was a fertile period for the imagination of artists on both sides of the … [Read more...]