Tuning into the Sounds Of Hawaii at the Mele Mei Music Festival

For writer Eliza Escaño-Vasquez, a recent trip to Oah’u uncovers a treasure trove of Hawaiian music For lovers of Hawaiian music, there’s no better time to be Oahu-bound than in May when the month-long Mele Mei music festival occurs. Mele means ‘song’ in the Hawaiian language and Mei simply refers to the month. This year, Honolulu buzzed with events—a concert series at the Hilton Hawaiian … [Read more...]

Hawaii Comes to LOS ANGELES Via the Ukulele

Documentary screening of “My KoAloha Story,” performance by Grammy award-winning artist Daniel Ho, and free Ukulele workshop all part of Grammy Museum program. Just when you thought summer was over, we are happy to say “not so fast!” Seems like we are about to get a dose of Hawaiian love via the artisans of KoAloha Ukulele. If you’ve been under a rock and not hip to ukulele then here’s a quick … [Read more...]


For decades, Hawaii has been the source of a rich musical legacy that extends far beyond the kitschy realm of the late, great Don Ho. One of the Islands' most evocative home-grown sounds is slack key guitar, a lilting, breezy style that still resonates with Latin roots thanks to the Mexican vaqueros, or cowboys, who brought the guitar along with the herds from California in the mid-19th century. … [Read more...]