The Quickest Route to the HIMALAYAS

For many intrepid world travelers, trekking the Himalayas to catch a glimpse of Mt. Everest ranks as one of the more common, if unattainable, ‘bucket list’ goals. Scaling even the base of the world’s highest peak takes months of planning while potentially costing thousands of dollars and several weeks or months of hard-earned vacation time. In short, it’s a romantic and certainly thrilling notion … [Read more...]

SLIDESHOW: Two-Wheel Travel Through Bhutan

Photographer Paul Keister shares his awe-inspiring motorcycle journey through the serene Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Cruising through striking pine-clad valleys atop KTM motorcycles, mainly on a single-lane road with a precipitous drop off, Paul Keister captures the transcendent beauty of Bhutan’s untarnished countryside. With a limited number of tourists allowed to enter Bhutan each … [Read more...]

Kumaon: Walk with the Gods in the Foothills of Northern India

A local responsible tourism group takes spirited travelers on an inner journey in the great outdoors. For a truly uplifting and ethereal experience, Kumaon village located in the Uttarakhand state of Northern India is where travelers can literally take a walk along the road less traveled. Uttarakhand, known by locals as “abode of the gods,” is divided into two distinct regions: Garwhal, made … [Read more...]

Bhutan or Bust

If you've been dreaming  of a journey into the kingdom of Bhutan where days are filled with trekking to ancient monasteries, mountain biking from one village to the next, and learning to channel the residents of a country whose GDP is measured in happiness, then it's time to wake up and pack your bags. With these latest deals from COMO Hotels and Resorts’ Uma Paro and the summer sale on Druk Air … [Read more...]

Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures Honor 40th Anniversary of Mountain Travel Sobek

For 40 years, Mt Sobek has escorted enthusiasts to the far reaches of the globe. In honor of this anniversary, Sobek has created Follow-the-Leader trips with veteran guides to off-the-beaten path destinations. A 21-day trek in Nepal traverses one of the most remote parts of the Himalayas, Inner Dolpo, a time-warp area secluded by 17,000-feet high mountain passes where rare Bon monasteries and a … [Read more...]