Latest SPA BUZZ, Intuitive Counseling

More and more, people are turning to spiritual leaders and psychics to help guide them through life's journey and challenging obstacles. A new partnership between renown psychic Susan King and the iconic Hotel Bel Air has created the first in-residence program in Los Angeles for the UK-based intuitive counseling specialist. This new wellness initiative is being offered on-site at their … [Read more...]

Awards Season Hotel Packages in LOS ANGELES

Liz Laing shows you how to live like a celebrity at these luxe hotels near Hollywood. While the rest of the country is getting their parkas and mittens ready for a wintry season, Angelenos are shopping for Louboutins and designer gowns for awards season. It’s an exciting time in Los Angeles, which is home to some of the most prestigious awards shows, including the American Music Awards, The … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: Hotel Bel-Air Set To Reopen

After being closed for two years of extensive redesign, the hotel Bel-Air is now accepting advance reservations. The highly anticipated renovation of the ultra swank Hotel Bel-Air is nearly finished and set to re-open October 15. Award-winning designer Alexandra Champalimaud re-imagined this legendary hotel along with the Rockwell Group, creating a fresh aesthetic, inspired by the glamorous … [Read more...]

Interview: Hotel Design Guru Alexandra Champalimaud

The award-winning interior designer specializing in hospitality design talks to us about her current projects, what makes a great hotel, and which properties should definitely be on your travel shortlist. Who does the hospitality industry turn to when they need to give their hotel a new look? If they're seriously stylish and an iconic property, it's most likely Alexandra Champalimaud. The … [Read more...]