Beds & Books: A Novel Retreat In ICELAND

The Bed: Hotel Budir, Iceland We have personally laid our heads on these beds, and cozied up with these books... A volcanic wonderland with fluorescent green moss draped over black lava fields surrounded by snowcapped glaciers and ubiquitous waterfalls, the west coast of Iceland is an escape into nature unlike any other. Two hours from Reykjavik, perched on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, the … [Read more...]

Iceland’s Volcano Continues to Erupt and Disrupt

The volcano under the vast Eyjafjallajökull glacier erupts for the second time in less than a month causing delayed and canceled flights, widespread flooding, and one helluva fireworks show. First it was the collapse of their banking system, and now dormant volcanoes are going off on in Iceland. What did the small, pristine island nation do to deserve such a one-two punch?  With typical … [Read more...]