The Quickest Route to the HIMALAYAS

For many intrepid world travelers, trekking the Himalayas to catch a glimpse of Mt. Everest ranks as one of the more common, if unattainable, ‘bucket list’ goals. Scaling even the base of the world’s highest peak takes months of planning while potentially costing thousands of dollars and several weeks or months of hard-earned vacation time. In short, it’s a romantic and certainly thrilling notion … [Read more...]

Nirvana in Nepal – Part I

In Nepal, “Namaste” is the customary form of greeting. When spoken, a person places their palms together in front of their chest as if in a prayer gesture, slightly bows their head and salutes you in this beautiful and gentle manner. Namaste represents the belief that there is a divine spark in all of us. It means, I honor the divine in you–that place in you were the whole universe resides, and … [Read more...]