Off-Season Adventures in the MASAI MARA

Suzan Crane explores one of Africa's iconic destinations when game is plenty and visitors are scarce. The small plane hovers low over the sprawling scrub-pocked grassland’s of Kenya’s famed Masai Mara, a tapestry of grazing wildlife looming ever larger as we approach the muddy airstrip. Flat-topped acacia trees dance under a metallic sky that threatens rain, majestic elephants and towering … [Read more...]

KENYA: Where The Wild Things Were

As Kenya's poaching crisis reaches a critical stage, Suzan Crane shares how "Richard's Camp" and the "Mara Elephant Project" are saving elephants. If an African safari is on your bucket list, you may want to move it up a notch if you hope to see exotic wildlife in all its endemic glory. With rhinos and elephants still recovering from the last wildlife holocaust three decades ago, the twin … [Read more...]

Insecticide Killing Lions in Kenya

, Photo Courtesy of Galen Frysinger Safaris in Kenya draw thousands of tourists every year looking to see the "Big 5" in the expansive wilderness and game parks. But visitors are spotting fewer and fewer lions these days with the "King of the Jungle" verging on extinction in Kenya.  Over 35,000 of these majestic cats use to roam in Kenya just 50 years ago. Today, only 2,000 lions remain, … [Read more...]

Our Man in Africa: Safari Experts’ Tim Lapage

What’s your dream of Africa─luxury platform tents overlooking watering holes rife with wildlife; open-air jeep rides tracking herds of elephants; sunsets with silhouetted lionesses and cubs in the bush? Wandermelon's friend, Tim Lapage, a fellow travel aficionado, has navigated the continent as a pilot, resident and passionate explorer.  His low-level flying safari, the ultimate African adventure, … [Read more...]