Into The Heart of Marrakech

Jennifer Evans Gardner takes us on a soul-searching journey into the ancient "Red City." In Morocco, they shake hands from the heart. It was the first thing I noticed when I arrived in Marrakech. The man who came to pick us up from our hotel shook my hand warmly, and then touched his heart in the traditional greeting. The gesture moved me, and I was hooked. Just weeks before my girls' trip … [Read more...]

Interview: Hotel Design Guru Alexandra Champalimaud

The award-winning interior designer specializing in hospitality design talks to us about her current projects, what makes a great hotel, and which properties should definitely be on your travel shortlist. Who does the hospitality industry turn to when they need to give their hotel a new look? If they're seriously stylish and an iconic property, it's most likely Alexandra Champalimaud. The … [Read more...]

Marrakech Rising

A bridge between Europe and Africa, Marrakech embodies the mysticism of the East blended with the romanticism of the West, creating a dynamic city that is steeped in tradition, yet offers travelers unlimited modern luxuries. It feels as if time has stood still inside of the Old City; from the echoing calls to prayer, to the never-ending labyrinth of souks in the Medina, a visit to this Arab … [Read more...]