Finding Serenity On The Shores Of LAKE MALAWI, Africa

Suzan Crane explores idyllic beach resorts along East Africa's serene Lake Malawi. There are few places left on Earth that remain serene and untouched -- synced with nature and rich in local culture allowing us to disconnect from  the world as we know it. The coast of Lake Malawi is one such place. And as any discriminating traveler knows, the thrill of unearthing such a halcyon destination … [Read more...]

Our Man in Africa: Safari Experts’ Tim Lapage

What’s your dream of Africa─luxury platform tents overlooking watering holes rife with wildlife; open-air jeep rides tracking herds of elephants; sunsets with silhouetted lionesses and cubs in the bush? Wandermelon's friend, Tim Lapage, a fellow travel aficionado, has navigated the continent as a pilot, resident and passionate explorer.  His low-level flying safari, the ultimate African adventure, … [Read more...]