Foraging for Mushrooms in MENDOCINO

Northern California's Mendocino County celebrates the mushroom season with a round-up of fungi adventures this fall.As the flavors of fall arrive in Mendocino, the annual crop of coveted candy cap, chanterelle and porcini mushrooms are plum for picking. Straddling Highways 1 and 101 with nearly 2,500 sq. miles of live oak, pygmy forests and stately redwood groves, the region is a natural hotspot … [Read more...]

Northern California Foodie Haven, Mendocino, Now Cultivating Cocktail Culture

Historic MacCallum House Inn & Restaurant is now a bastion of organic cocktail culture, serving over 60 specialties featuring an innovative alchemy of exotic spirits and locally sourced ingredients. Insiders passionate about California food & wine have known for years that Mendocino County has been at the forefront of organic practices, innovative cuisine and home to an under-the-radar … [Read more...]

Mendocino: Festive By Nature

Mendocino likes a party.  Just one look at its year-long slate of festivals and fairs tells you people here like to enjoy the good life, and then have seconds.  From Dungeness crabs to mushrooms and documentaries, locals look to their abundance of things to eat, drink and do and then -- duly inspired -- turn it into a party. Whatever the time of year, you’ll notice that many festivals here involve … [Read more...]