The Unspoiled Islands of Loreto: Baja, MEXICO

Whether you’re looking for adventure on the high seas or chllin’ on the beach and doing nada, a visit to Loreto Islands provides a secluded getaway and a taste of authentic Mexico. Located about half-way down the eastern side of the Baja peninsula, Loreto is one of the last unspoiled destinations in Mexico and one of its’ oldest settlements. The natural beauty of the area is largely untouched by … [Read more...]

Modern Meets Classic in OAXACA

Situated in the historic Oaxaca City in Mexico, Azul de Oaxaca is the perfect medley of old and new. This contemporary boutique hotel sits inside a beautifully preserved colonial shell and is only blocks away from the city’s downtown cathedral. The hotel is a gallery in its own right, displaying the magnificent art works of its collaborations with renowned Oaxacan artists and sculptors such as … [Read more...]

Diving with Whale Sharks in ISLA MUJERES, Mexico

Kinga Philipps takes a solo adventure off the coast of Cancun to Isla Mujures and finds unspoiled beaches, transparent water and epic dives surrounded by whale sharks and manta rays.  What better place for a solo sojourn than the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and a place called Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women. It was my eat, pray, love of sorts. Except, instead of pasta, I indulged in … [Read more...]

Tooth or Dare: Great White Shark Dive, Guadalupe, MEXICO

“Whhhiiitttteeeee Shark!” Two words most people hope to never hear for fear they might be their last. Certainly not two words that ever become background noise. But when you venture by boat 150 miles off the coast of Mexico to Guadalupe Island, a geological wonder, a biosphere reserve and one of the worlds premier sites to cage dive with great white sharks…things are a bit different. Over the … [Read more...]

Xcaret: The RIVIERA MAYA’S Family Fantasy Land

Located In Mexico's Yucatan Region, this popular eco-adventure park entertains families with everything from cultural spectacles to lagoon snorkle trips. Xcaret (“Ssh-karet”), the site of a centuries-old Maya trading post, is now a unique ecological theme park built on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  It’s just four miles south of the lively nightlife of Playa del … [Read more...]

Todos Santos Music Festival To Rock BAJA CALIFORNIA

R.E.M.’s Peter Buck hosts second-annual fest where everyone has a great time for a good cause. So what do you do if you spent the past three decades in one of the world’s biggest rock bands, and it suddenly (but amicably) dissolves?  If you’re Peter Buck – and a rocker who just wants to jam – you gather a bunch of your like-minded alt-rock buddies and head south for three weeks of … [Read more...]

DEAL BUZZ: The Acanto, Playa del Carmen

The new Acanto hotel has a prime location just one block from the beach and a half block from bustling 5th Avenue in the sexy seaside town of Playa del Carmen. Located in the Riviera Maya of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula about 40 miles south of Cancun, "Playa" has managed to retain its small-town charm with pedestrian streets and scenic beachside restaurants despite its growing popularity. The … [Read more...]

R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and Friends to Rock Baja’s Todos Santos

The Hotel California to play host to high-profile rockers including Buck, Robyn Hitchcock and others during the first ever Todos Santos Music Festival this January. As if there weren’t enough reasons – warm sun, pristine beaches, great art galleries, gourmet restaurants, whales breaching just offshore – to head to Southern Baja’s Pueblo Magico of Todos Santos this January, here’s another … [Read more...]

The Spirit of Mexico: Tequila

wandermelon sits down with an expert to learn more about the world’s fastest growing spirit, including what to look for in a bottle and how to travel to Tequila's storied region. Many of us have stories involving tequila, and hopefully they have gotten better as we have grown older. My … [Read more...]

Save A Turtle and Knock A Last-Minute Gift Off Your List!

Playa Viva, an eco-resort on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, is sponsoring a program to re-introduce endangered turtles, and you can help for just $20. Attention last-minute shoppers! Busy still adding a few names to your list, realizing you forgot the work colleague who doesn’t quite merit a bottle of Dom but maybe deserves more than a Starbucks card… And then there’s worldly Uncle Theo who’s on his … [Read more...]