ISTANBUL: Buy A Turkish Rug Like A Local

Editor's note: It's Thanksgiving, when one gives thanks naturally and thinks of, among other things... turkey. Please indulge us a little here as we take you to the other Turkey (actually it's Türkiye) for an insider's look into how to buy a Turkish rug without losing your shirt. For many people, the country of Turkey calls up myriad images that conjure the senses: Whirling Dervishes,  … [Read more...]

TURKEY’S Museum Hotel A Masterpiece

The only thing more hypnotic than Cappadocia's luscious landscape of churning gorges and sandcastle cave formations—complete with their frescoed basilicas, ancient homes and even complete underground cities—are the eye-catching boutique hotels spouting up like stalagmites.  Once known for its burnt out backpacker hostels, Cappadocia, in South Central Anatolia, Turkey, now has more hotels than … [Read more...]

EGYPT: Is It Safe Yet?

The unrest of the Arab Spring has made many balk at the idea of traveling to Egypt, a benchmark experience for the true traveler. Here's our update from the frontline. *Editor's note: This post was originally scheduled to run last month. A new cycle of unrest in Egypt at the time convinced us to delay the piece. Recent reports, however, including this great update by veteran travel expert … [Read more...]

Ferrari World Set to Open in Abu Dhabi

Adrenalin junkies will be racing over to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, set to open October 27. This enormous indoor theme park features the world's fastest roller coaster with top speeds of up to 150 mph. Set under a sleek red roof inspired by the Ferrari GT’s classic double curve profile, Ferrari World will be the largest indoor theme park in the world. Inside, visitors will either find … [Read more...]