In Amsterdam, historic and modern buildings coexist in harmony. Daring additions enhance storied landmarks and modern architecture pops up in surprising ways throughout the city. There’s a spectacular new atrium to accommodate the crowds that flock to see the Rembrandts and Vermeers in the Rijksmuseum, and many of the galleries have been redesigned to enhance the collection of medieval and … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: Pop-Up Hotel Rooms Meet Architectural Dazzle in the UK

A Swiss philosopher brings a modern edge to the British holiday home market with his architecturally-inspired concepts designed to make you stop, think and enjoy. First we had pop-up dinners, then we had pop-up bars and restaurants, and now we have pop-up hotel rooms! The latest, if you can believe it, is a ‘boat’ precariously perched on the edge of the Queen Elizabeth Hall rooftop at the … [Read more...]