Into The Heart of Marrakech

Jennifer Evans Gardner takes us on a soul-searching journey into the ancient "Red City." In Morocco, they shake hands from the heart. It was the first thing I noticed when I arrived in Marrakech. The man who came to pick us up from our hotel shook my hand warmly, and then touched his heart in the traditional greeting. The gesture moved me, and I was hooked. Just weeks before my girls' trip … [Read more...]

Shades of Morocco: Heure Bleue

An iconic retreat renders a colorful experience for guests lucky enough to find sybaritic shelter here in Essaouira. After bouncing along the road through olive and argan groves, a couple of hours later we arrived at our destination.  The massive Heure Bleue squatted on the southern edge of the medina. Despite its obvious historical credentials, it was not a sight of great architectural … [Read more...]

Marrakech Rising

A bridge between Europe and Africa, Marrakech embodies the mysticism of the East blended with the romanticism of the West, creating a dynamic city that is steeped in tradition, yet offers travelers unlimited modern luxuries. It feels as if time has stood still inside of the Old City; from the echoing calls to prayer, to the never-ending labyrinth of souks in the Medina, a visit to this Arab … [Read more...]

Discovery Adventures

Discovery is jumping into the adventure trip game, inviting intrepid explorers and armchair travelers alike to join them on odysseys across the globe.  A tantalizing proposition indeed, as these journeys are inspired by the shows they are famous for and guided by erudite and entertaining experts, many of whom have advanced degrees in archaeology, biology and anthropology, not to mention the … [Read more...]

Royal Mansour, Marrakech To Debut In November

King Mohammed VI of Morocco is getting into the hotel business. In a big way. Slated for opening in November of this year, the King’s Royal Mansour, Marrakech, will feature 53 individual riads, or Moroccan-style villas, on eight exquisitely landscaped acres. How do we know the grounds will be breathtaking? Because no expense has been spared here in assembling a superstar team to bring the project … [Read more...]