NEW YORK CITY: Hip To The Marlton

GenY takes over one of the Beat Generation’s favorite haunts in the cultural and historic heart of NYC. 
 What could be cooler than a Greenwich Village flophouse that used to host the likes of Jack Kerouac back in the literary heyday of New York, stunningly converted from an NYU freshman dorm into one of New York’s hippest hotel? In 2013, New Zealand-born hotelier Sean MacPherson (owner of The … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: The Nolitan Opens in NYC

Nolita’s first boutique hotel combines the comfort of home with modern luxury in the heart of downtown New York. New York’s boho-chic neighborhood of Nolita (short for North of Little Italy) is about to get a whole lot hipper with the opening of The Nolitan Hotel on August 1st. Located at the corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets, the Nolitan is the first boutique hotel to grace the hood and … [Read more...]

Romantic Escapes for Valentines

What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes people so edgy? Is it the pressure to make some grand gesture to a loved one (as if we need a calendar day to do so!) or the sinking feeling upon realizing it's been forgotten, or worse… that there isn’t someone special. We say make it a memorable day regardless of your status. We shouldn’t need a hallmark holiday to tell the people we love how much they … [Read more...]

Brits Storm NYC on Crosby Street

New Yorkers beware, the Britpack are back and have set up camp on Crosby Street at the new Crosby Street Hotel, the latest jewel in the crown of Kit and Tim Kemp’s Firmdale Hotels. The proud owners of six properties in London, this is the Kemp’s first foray abroad and they are making quite a splash across the pond. Famous for her fresh contemporary English panache, Kit Kemp mixes color and … [Read more...]

Green Light: Birdbath Bakery in NYC

In our travels, wandermelon likes to spotlight people and places of note, particularly when eco-consciousness is involved. Maury Rubin, owner of City Bakery and secret recipe holder of its off-the-charts hot chocolate, has spawned two, top-to-bottom green pastry shops, both called Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery. The walls are made of wheat, the cups come from corn, the floors favor cork, and … [Read more...]