Exploring Norway’s Lofoten Islands

Michael Webb heads from Å to BØ by land and sea discovering Norway's scenic delights. On the Lofoten islands, off the northern coast of Norway, you can climb a mountain, row in a Viking long boat (horned helmets optional), and stay in a fisherman’s cabin in villages called Å and Bø. Cod love the Lofoten and come here to spawn in winter; for a couple of months the fishing villages bustle … [Read more...]

Exploring NORWAY’s Scenic Wonders

Michael Webb travels through Norway's high and low roads discovering its hidden gems along the way. A narrow road snakes up the side of a mountain, making nine hairpin turns before reaching the summit. Silver threads of water course down the rock face, merging into cascades that swell a rushing stream. The road is bounded with lichened rocks and embraced by pines and silver birches. At the … [Read more...]

On the Edge of Europe: NORTHERN NORWAY

Henrik Lomholt Rasmussen explores the far reaches of Norway and discovers his favorite spot above the Arctic Circle. Our journey north begins in the town of Hammerfest on the Norwegian mainland. The town lies 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is situated on the same latitude as the northernmost point in Alaska. After checking in at the contemporary harbourside Rica Hotel, we walk up a … [Read more...]