Off-Season Adventures in the MASAI MARA

Suzan Crane explores one of Africa's iconic destinations when game is plenty and visitors are scarce. The small plane hovers low over the sprawling scrub-pocked grassland’s of Kenya’s famed Masai Mara, a tapestry of grazing wildlife looming ever larger as we approach the muddy airstrip. Flat-topped acacia trees dance under a metallic sky that threatens rain, majestic elephants and towering … [Read more...]

Safari In Style At South Africa’s Lion Sands

Lion Sands, a private safari lodge in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province, meshes luxe touches with the true spirit of the bush. Peering through the gray-blue haze of a descending bushveld night, I crane my neck from the idling Land Rover’s passenger seat to see what has fixed the attention of my driver, Enoch.  Although something is certainly emitting the distinct smell of death mixed … [Read more...]