Tracking Tigers in NEPAL’S Royal Bardia National Park

Author Suzan Crane explores a pristine corner of Nepal in search of the elusive Royal Bengal tiger. It’s been several hours and we remain camouflaged under a thick forest canopy on the banks of the Karnali river in western Nepal’s remote Royal Bardia National Park. But for the melodious chatter of the area’s prolific birdlife of nearly 500 species, we’re enveloped by a symphony of silence, a … [Read more...]

KENYA: Where The Wild Things Were

As Kenya's poaching crisis reaches a critical stage, Suzan Crane shares how "Richard's Camp" and the "Mara Elephant Project" are saving elephants. If an African safari is on your bucket list, you may want to move it up a notch if you hope to see exotic wildlife in all its endemic glory. With rhinos and elephants still recovering from the last wildlife holocaust three decades ago, the twin … [Read more...]

Tanzania’s Great Migration Begins

Expert safari guide Sandor Carter posts an update from the Serengeti, where the short rains mark the beginning of the largest overland migration in the world. The short rains have come: the annual Serengeti migration is underway. The arrival of the rains this week signals the southward march of the epic annual migration.

The migration actually never stops: wildebeest, zebra and gazelle … [Read more...]

Safari In Style At South Africa’s Lion Sands

Lion Sands, a private safari lodge in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province, meshes luxe touches with the true spirit of the bush. Peering through the gray-blue haze of a descending bushveld night, I crane my neck from the idling Land Rover’s passenger seat to see what has fixed the attention of my driver, Enoch.  Although something is certainly emitting the distinct smell of death mixed … [Read more...]