The Unspoiled Islands of Loreto: Baja, MEXICO

Whether you’re looking for adventure on the high seas or chllin’ on the beach and doing nada, a visit to Loreto Islands provides a secluded getaway and a taste of authentic Mexico. Located about half-way down the eastern side of the Baja peninsula, Loreto is one of the last unspoiled destinations in Mexico and one of its’ oldest settlements. The natural beauty of the area is largely untouched by … [Read more...]

Cabo’s Marquis Resort: Love in the Afternoon

This sexy seaside haven has a stunning open-air spa, private plunge pools and  Deity-blessed settings above the Sea of Cortez. According to legend, two angels selected the location of the seaside serendipitous resort Marquis Los Cabos by leaving their celestial glory for this idyllic spot on the Sea of Cortez. It’s easy to understand why, once you witness it in person: If Heaven were here on … [Read more...]