DUBAI: A Great Cure for the Winter Blues

Elizabeth Kesses Delport (aka "Britchick Paris") takes wandermelon on holiday as she escapes the big European freeze and heads to the hot spots of the Middle East. I was born and raised in Athens and suffer from serious Seasonal Adjusted Disorder now I live in northern Europe. I miss the sun big time. I often dream about being on boats or desert islands. I even wear suntan cream in winter … [Read more...]

Balance Your Chi in Sydney

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts opens a sumptuous new spa with a strong Asian influence to bring peace and well-being to weary travelers. "Chi (pronounced 'chee'), is the life-giving energy that unites the body, mind, and spirit," explains Natalie, as she pours my jasmine tea into a delicate jade cup. "It is present within every person, and also within the environment." I hand her back the … [Read more...]