SINGAPORE: Fabulous at 50

Join the jubilee and hit the ‘new kampong’ like a local as the lion city celebrates 50 years of independence. Singapore, a former fishing village, has transformed itself into a stylish powerhouse with rooftop gardens, gourmet burgers, indie flicks and nightclubs. Start off your stay with a fresh ginger ninja soda on the hippest new block in Singapore, Keong Saik Road, located on the fringes … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: World’s Most Expensive Hotel Opens in Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore ranks as the world’s priciest hotel, offering guests over 2,500 rooms, a 55th-story infinity pool, shopping center, fine dining, and a casino. The $5.95 billion Marina Bay Sands Hotel recently opened its doors in Singapore and has ousted the Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi as the world’s most expensive hotel. This towering new megaresort in Singapore features … [Read more...]

HOTEL BUZZ: The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore

The newest luxury hotel to open in Singapore sits on prime waterfront property overlooking Marina Bay. Luxury hotels continue to sprout up in the city-state of Singapore. The lion city’s latest addition to the hotel scene is the posh Fullerton Bay Hotel, a soaring glass complex that overlooks the Marina Bay. Situated in the Central Business District, near the arts and cultural area, the … [Read more...]

Singapore Airlines Vacations

With Singapore Airlines Vacations new slate of packages to Singapore, Bangkok and Phuket, travel to Asia has never been this affordable. Starting at $1,145 for five nights, these new packages are comparable in price to airfare alone on other major carriers. Hop aboard Singapore Airlines from LAX, JFK, or San Fran and enjoy the unrivaled customer service of the world’s top airline en route to … [Read more...]