Water Warriors Hit The Beach In SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Camp Pendleton To Host Watersports Event Pitting Marines, Locals And Elite Tahitian Athletes Against Challenging Ocean, Beach and Marina Courses The high-adrenaline watersports competition known as the Water Warrior Amphibious Assault is coming to the pristine beaches of the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base Saturday, September 12. Open to base personnel and civilians alike, this exciting race … [Read more...]

BORA BORA’S Ultimate Beach Party

Each December, top athletes and festive travelers gather for a magical mix of watersports, local culture and toes-in-the-sand celebration. Other than ‘sign me up,’ what else can you say about an event that’s equal parts Ironman competition, Polynesian cultural experience and ultimate beach party held on the idyllic South Pacific island of Bora Bora. Held each December on the southern portion … [Read more...]

Navigating Utah’s Red Rock Canyons SUP-Style

Explore Utah's natural playground while stand up paddling along the Colorado River. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the new hot sport with "sea sweepers" dotting the ocean and enthusiasts exploring lagoons, lakes and rivers. As any SUP athlete will attest, it’s easier to paddle on calm waters without waves, so bays, lagoons and slow-flowing rivers are great environments for this rapidly growing … [Read more...]