KENYA: Where The Wild Things Were

As Kenya's poaching crisis reaches a critical stage, Suzan Crane shares how "Richard's Camp" and the "Mara Elephant Project" are saving elephants. If an African safari is on your bucket list, you may want to move it up a notch if you hope to see exotic wildlife in all its endemic glory. With rhinos and elephants still recovering from the last wildlife holocaust three decades ago, the twin … [Read more...]

Tanzania’s Great Migration Begins

Expert safari guide Sandor Carter posts an update from the Serengeti, where the short rains mark the beginning of the largest overland migration in the world. The short rains have come: the annual Serengeti migration is underway. The arrival of the rains this week signals the southward march of the epic annual migration.

The migration actually never stops: wildebeest, zebra and gazelle … [Read more...]

SAA Fly To Tanzania

South African Airways announces a special low airfare to Dar Es Salaam in honor of the country’s 50th Anniversary of Independence. Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and the gateway to some of the most extraordinary travel experiences in the world, dating back to the early footsteps of British explorers like Livingstone, Burton and Speke, who all battled through the terra incognita … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Serengeti Safari in Tanzania

Extraordinary wildlife, unique luxury lodges, and breathtaking landscapes make Tanzania’s Serengeti the most exhilarating African safari destination. An African safari ranks as one of the most thrilling and memorable travel experiences in the world. One of the hardest parts of such a trip can be deciding what area of this vast continent to explore. The time of year helps dictate most … [Read more...]

Stop the Serengeti Highway

A planned road by the Tanzanian government threatens the great wildebeest migration. Tanzania’s Serengeti game reserve hosts the largest overland migration in the world.  This spectacular display of nature happens every year around October, when nearly two million wildebeest, and millions of zebra and Thomson’s gazelles migrate from Kenya, crossing over the Mara River into Tanzania in pursuit … [Read more...]

Parapalegic Chris Waddell Summits Kilimanjaro

After training for two years and then pedaling his custom-designed, four-wheeled handcycle for seven long days, Chris Waddell achieved his goal.  On September 30th, he made it to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, as the first parapalegic in history.  "The climb is only part of this incredible journey,"  says Waddell. "We want to help disabled people around the world be seen … [Read more...]

Climbing Kilimanjaro One Crank at a Time

A racer for Middlebury College, Chris Waddell broke his back in a ski accident in 1988. Within two months he bravely returned to school and, shortly thereafter, began ski racing again, single-handedly revolutionizing the sport of mono-skiing. Waddell is the most decorated Paralympian, winning 12 medals for both skiing and track racing. And while he serves as an inspiration for many, Waddell is … [Read more...]