For All the Tea in CHINA

One writer's quest for the perfect cup of tea takes her through Hong Kong and Tokyo, resulting in lessons of history, health and wellness. Tea began as an accident. It happened in China over 5,000 years ago when an early emperor thought drinking water should be boiled as a hygienic precaution. According to legend, while visiting a region of his realm, the servants began boiling water for … [Read more...]

Rooibos: The Flavor of South Africa

New tea company brings Certified Organic Rooibos to the US from South Africa’s mystical Cederberg region. With its vaunted health benefits, sweet flavor and appealing rich mahogany color, Rooibos tea (pronounced “roy-boss”) is becoming increasingly popular outside its native South Africa. Although health food outlets and boutique stores have been selling the tea Stateside for some time, a … [Read more...]