Caribbean Color: TOBAGO’S Blue Food Festival

Natalie Compagno gets muddied up on her way to the Blue Food Festival, an outdoor party that brings together thousands of locals to eat Dasheen-inspired dishes. Mud covers my legs and I have no idea where my knee starts and the wet earth begins.  I lost my shoes long ago in some sort of sink hole. I took a step and suddenly one of my purple flats was gone, sucked into a sticky rain puddle. … [Read more...]

Trinidad & Tobago Readies For Carnival Time

It’s almost time to “play mas” in T&T as final touches are put on costumes and steel pans tuned for the Caribbean’s biggest party. Certainly Brazil’s pre-Lenten “Carnaval” is better known than the celebrations about to take over the streets of Port of Spain, but rest assured, the Trinidadians can get festive with the best of them. Beginning well before dawn on Carnival Monday with … [Read more...]