Unplugged in Ubud, BALI

The verdant rice fields, temples and spiritual village life of Ubud, Bali offers a back-to-nature family break away from tech driven tantrums. If my kids were left to their own devices during vacation, they would be eternally plugged into some kind of device: Minecraft, Youtube, Angry Birds, iTunes, iMovie… iDunno. I often question whether killer apps are killing kids’ appetite for real … [Read more...]

BALI by the Book: 10th Annual Ubud Writer’s Festival

Situated amid verdant rice paddies, with grand temples and deep-rooted Hindu traditions, Ubud is renowned as Bali’s cultural apex and has long been a magnet for creative types, alternative thinkers, yoga-heads and healers. Tourist and expat numbers have soared in recent years due to high profile exposure in the book Eat Pray Love and location filming of the celluloid version. Despite the … [Read more...]

Blessed in Bali

A seasoned traveler takes us off-the-beaten path in search of tranquility in Bali, the land of endless beauty currently co-starring in the film Eat, Pray, Love. Think of Bali and most travelers picture hordes of sun-seeking Australian and British travelers all converging in a mad frenzy on Kuta to purchase cheap DVD’s and get their hair braided. But, there is more to Bali than just sand and … [Read more...]

Global Yoga with Shiva Rea

LA's favorite yogini, Shiva Rea, from Exhale in Venice, takes her practice to a multicultural level with her yogadventures─classes, retreats, and workshops taught around the planet for globetrotting yoga fans. If you find yourself in Bali, check out the Yoga Barn in the artistic community of Ubud where Shiva will lead a Prana Flow and Trance Dance class on March 22. Energize your life force amidst … [Read more...]