Summer Festivals In BRITISH COLUMBIA

As spring turns to summer, Canada's westernmost province proves an ideal backdrop for celebration -- from mountain adventures and meditating, to building sandcastles or listening to a symphony by the sea. Here are a few of BC's favorite fests. British Columbia festivals and events are as diverse as its geography and residents. Love arts and culture? British Columbia has festivals that focus … [Read more...]

A Peak Experience Awaits This Winter in WHISTLER, BC

Liz Laing nestles in at Nita Lake Lodge in British Columbia's winter wonderland. Now that it's November, summer already seems like a distant memory for those of us in the northern hemisphere. That means the search is on for the ultimate winter playground. So here's a haute tip: point your skis, snowboard or snowshoes towards one of the world's most coveted mountain resorts, Whistler … [Read more...]

Fast and Fabulous in VANCOUVER

Three Days In British Columbia’s Eco-Friendly Capital of Cool. Savvy travelers already knew about Vancouver’s appeal long before the 2010 Winter Olympics. But since the winter games, the city’s cachet has gone truly global. With something for nature lovers and urbanites alike, the city is ideally situated between the mountains and the sea, surrounded by water and natural beauty but also … [Read more...]

Hi Tech Meets High Design at the OPUS Hotel in Vancouver

Robert Ellsworth checks in to this 21st-century boutique hotel that blends technology and style with coolness and calm. If Vancouver is the hipster capital of Canada, then the fashionable Opus is its decadent heart. Situated in Yaletown, one of Vancouver's swanky hip zones, this 96-room cosmopolitan hotel has a chill vibe with a sophisticated and colorful ambiance. The adjacent neighborhood … [Read more...]

Going Native On Vancouver Island

Just a few hours from the gleaming towers of Vancouver, dancers in ornate costumes portraying crows, bears and mythical beasts swirl to a hypnotic drumbeat in a vast longhouse. This isn't British Columbia's blissed-out version of Burning Man; it’s a performance given by Komoks tribal members on Vancouver Island, a dance done by native peoples here long before Europeans arrived and spoiled the … [Read more...]

Vancouver’s Medal-Worthy Hot Spots

Although currently enjoying the limelight as host city for the 2010 Olympic Games, Vancouver is no stranger to fame. Surrounded by the cool blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, green parks and snow-capped mountain peaks, Vancouver is considered one of the world’s most livable and popular cities because of its successful integration of urban and rural lifestyles. In fact, the “inside-outside” design … [Read more...]

Vancouver to Keep Party Going 24/7 During Winter Olympics

Riffing on a great idea developed by the festive Italians during the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, where White Nights celebrations featured dusk to dawn parties, Canadians are one-upping the fun by also offering 24/7 skiing and other activities.  Beginning in February,  2010 Olympic host Vancouver will open up the Grouse Mountain ski resort 24-hours-a-day for a full slate of activities. Just minutes … [Read more...]