Unplugged in Ubud, BALI

The verdant rice fields, temples and spiritual village life of Ubud, Bali offers a back-to-nature family break away from tech driven tantrums. If my kids were left to their own devices during vacation, they would be eternally plugged into some kind of device: Minecraft, Youtube, Angry Birds, iTunes, iMovie… iDunno. I often question whether killer apps are killing kids’ appetite for real … [Read more...]

Yoga-friendly Hikes in LOS ANGELES

“Nobody walks in LA,” or so claims the new wave, 80s band Missing Persons. They were right; we hike. If you Google “Best hikes in LA” you’ll get copious results, from private and secluded, to the stargazing kind (and no, not stars in the sky -- this is LA, after all). But also ubiquitous to the City of Angels is the Yoga Enthusiast, many of whom like a little vinyasa flow before, during or after a … [Read more...]

Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music Scheduled for Earth Day Weekend

Celebrate Earth Day this weekend in Santa Monica, Calif., at an alternative to Coachella that won’t leave your ears ringing and energy zapped. Mat men and women looking for an alternative to Coachella Round 2 as a way of celebrating Earth Day this weekend have a pretty amazing opportunity: The Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music. Scheduled for Earth Day  weekend Friday April 20 – Sunday, … [Read more...]